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. senseless act of violence. senseless. >> a teen stabbed to death at a metro station. the condolences pouring in. and the group arrested for the crime. lights out. the reason the capitol dome went dark, causing concern across the district. chat lengths ahead for the redskins today after coming off two weeks of downtown. welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. we need a redskins win. i'm feeling it today. >> looks like the weather will
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cooperate for the game at fedex field. chuck bell has the first forecast now. >> good morning, richard and angie. good morning, everybody. welcome to your sunday morning, after an absolutely spectacular saturday here in the nation's capital, today will be just about as nice. a little more cloud cover today, nothing to worry about from a rainfall perspective. temperatures not cooled as much friday night to saturday morning. a pleasant start out the door. chilly, but it is november. temperature, 41 degrees in downtown. 46 in analysis. chillier spots to the north and west. haegerstown. 31, martinsburg, west virginia 29 degrees. no rain drops on storm team 4 radar too close to us. nearest are off the outer banks of north carolina. today, a sunny start. increase in cloud cover this afternoon. but temperatures once again reaching up to the low 50s and, yes, indeed. you mentioned it. eagles/redskins, 1:00.
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good weather for it. >> sounds great, chuck. thanks. this morning, family and friends are mourning the loss of a maryland teen stabbed to death at a robbery at a metro station early saturday morning at the woodley park metro station. we spoke with the victim's friends and neighbors. >> reporter: 18-year-old oan has been identified as the teen stabbed to death about 1:15 saturday morning. >> senseless. it's sad. really sad. i seen his mother this morning. >> reporter: police say griffin was robbed of personal belongings at 18th street and columbia road in adams morgan, he ran into the same group at woodly park metro station on connecticut avenue. that's when his friend was robbed and beaten by the group of teens. griffin was stabbed. >> his associates had
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encountered his associates w robbed him at the woodley park metro and an altercation ensued which led to the stabbing and assault of the other victims. >> reporter: nine maryland boys ranging from 15 to 17 years old have been charged in connection with the assault and robbery. one of them, a 17-year-old, charged with murder 2 while armed in griffin's death. >> he was a good kid. two jobs, had his head on right. i think he was just trying to hang out and have a good time with his friends. >> i would never expect to this happen to oan. he had a big impact on everyone. always one that was there, whenever you needed limb, he was there. >> reporter: griffin lived in olney, where neighbors are stunned. he was a 2012 graduate from sherwood high school. working two jobs. one he started recently at the national institutes of health. >> so respectful. everyone at sherwood has expressed their sympathy.
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>> reporter: several weapons recovered at the crime scene. one was a knife. all the teens have been charged as juveniles. the 17-year-old in the murder could be charged as a adult. darcy spencer, news 4 today. this morning, mcgovern county police need your help after a father with his 4-year-old daughter by his side, was robbed at the atm. police released these surveillance pictures. the robber pulled the gun at a man at citibank on new hampshire aef. notice the daughter looks at the thief as he walks in. the robbery happened thursday night and police say the man forced the dad to withdraw the money before taking off. the victim was not hurt. new this morning, president obama landed in thailand to kick off a four-day trip around southeast asia. the president will meet with the king and president of thailand and tour a local monastery.
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he'll visit myanmar. mr. obama will wrap up a trip with the stop in cambodia. israel expanding its range of attacks on the gaza strip, including missile strikes against buildings that hamas media operations. israeli and palestinian forces continue to fire missiles back and forth. israel launched 200 missiles, killing at least 12 palestinians, thousands of israeli forces are awaiting possible orders to invade the region. egypt's leaders are in the middle of this dispute, a cease-fire between the two sides is possible. mohamed morsi met with leaders of turkey, qatar, and the leaders of hamas there are no guarantees, but working to try to ensure a cease-fire. benjamin netanyahu says he's willing to discuss a cease-fire when hamas agrees to stop rocket
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fire from gaza. thousands expected to march in washington, in opposition to the controversial keystone pipeline. the event organized by the westside and promises to support the president if he says no to the pipeline protesters will circle the white house. it's part of the organization's month-long tour across the country. earlier this year, president obama blocked the pipeline because of environmental concerns. many republicans say that the pipeline would have created thousands of jobs. notice lights out on capitol hill last night, no reason to be afraid of the dark. police say the lights that illuminate the dome of the u.s. capitol were turned off for scheduled maintenance. usually you can see the famous dome from miles away on any given night. lights back on at 10:00. redskins back after a bye week. the burgundy and gold looking to snap a three-game losing streak as they take on philadelphia at fedex field.
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the redskins went into the bye week with a tough loss to the carolina panthers. 21-13, and the eagles are coming in on an even worse -- can you imagine that? a worse losing streak. dropped their last five games, including a blowout loss to the cowboys. kickoff at 1:00 this afternoon and we'll have complete highlights on news 4 at 6:00. and history is repeating itself, unfortunately, for the wizards and definitely not in a good way. they fall 2-0-8 to start the season for a second row in a year. lose to the utah jazz 83-76 last night. jamal crawford led the team, and indiana pacers come to town tomorrow night. i was hoping the jazz would be tired. third game in four days. time 7 minutes after 6:00. the special offer metro will make to military members
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tomorrow. a bizarre break-in at a zoo. the discovery the security guard made when he checked out the primary exhibit. not so fast, while our beloved twinkies and wonder bread might not be disappearing after awl. and can we get sunny days to stick around? chuck bell back with the forecast next. stay with us. [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water...
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okay. so you didn't want to give it away. i asked, do we need to take advantage of the great weather this weekend, or is there going to be a nice stretch? you said a great forecast ahead. >> you know, she's asking me this 30 seconds before we come out. you just have to wait. that is what good tv is, dragging you into the newscast a little further. >> get to it. >> yesterday. no complaints at all with yesterday. and today again, not going to be
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anything to complain about at all. may not be quite as pretty as yesterday, but that doesn't make it a bad day by any stretch of the imagination. welcome to sunday morning, everybody. skies have a little more cloud cover today than yesterday. that will be the only knock on it. and might hold temperatures down a degree or two. today will be very much like yesterday was. and no one complained about yesterday at all. live view of downtown. current temperature, 91 degrees. and temperatures not quite as cold this morning as they were. normally that would mean we could be a degree or two warmer during the afternoon. but clouds that held temperatures up a bit overnight, they will hold them down just a midgeon. chilly mid thirds, but still holding in the mid 40s, and 40 in sanford and fredericksburg. 31 degrees in haegerstown. red skrinz and eagles kick off at 1:00 at fed ex-field.
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and if the redskins win out, i think they end up at nfc champions and at 8-8. on the radar, here we go. rain drops close to us right now from the outer banks of north carolina to the carolina coastline. part of a meandering area of low pressure off the coast. quiet weather across the middle of the country. all the real unsettled weather on the west coast. so flit plans to and from the northwest and parts of the san francisco bay area. slightly delayed for your sunday travel. good news as we get into the busiest travel week of the year. this week, high pressure is blocked down to our south. the low right up the coast and bringing clouds and rain it will hold that low down to the south. we will probably get the clouds to thicken later on tonight and into tomorrow, but again, with that low area of pressure, far enough down to the south. rain chances will stay along with it.
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that storm will be adrift and eventually it just drifted out to sea. no impact at all. outside of a little extra cloud cover. for today, no concerns. a mix of cloud and sunshine. sun to start, and a little cloud cover later in the day. sun, going down at 4:52. by the time the clouds get her, the sun is already gone. more clouds and sunshine tomorrow and temperatures once again hovering in the low 50s. seven-day forecast, 53 today. 54 tomorrow, 56 on tuesday, and big travel day. wednesday, no big storms on the eastern seaboard, welcome news. turkey day. mostly sunny to just sunny on thanksgiving. good news there. good for thanksgiving. because sometimes after the fourth plate of turkey you need to get outside and walk around outside a little bit. >> that's right. also a light of people like to fry their turkey outside. >> that's true. >> just be careful.
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>> always. next up, reporter's notebook. stories affecting your community. we're back in 15 minutes with another check of top stories. welcome to "reporter's notebook." we start with d.c. school closures. kia henderson set off a firestorm with her proposal to closes schools, citing severe underenrollment and stiffer competition from charter schools. henderson says tt her plan would shutter schools in six wards, most in northeast and southeast. the first high school in a generation would be closed and 22 middle schools would be folded into high school. seems a little like deja vu all over again, doesn't it? >> the cast of characters is a little bit different. now it's ms. henderson, isn't the individual who is in charge of d.c. schools michelle reid, some people think she's less polarizing and maybe her proposals would be received with
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a little more consideration. this is no way -- any way you look at it. if your child is in one of these schools, you're probably not going to be very happy. and the end of spingarn. a lot of people unhappy. whether it raises to the level of michelle rhee's opposition remains to be seen. >> there will be public outcrime the public will go to the meetings. community meetings and council meetings. the one question that parents are very concerned about is this merging of middle schools, elementary schools and high schools. spingarn high school, they will close. they will have to merge with another school, one parent very concerned, one of the oldest landmarks in d.c. that parent is concerned about her child in the sixth grade going into a campus where there
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are 12th graders. >> hasn't that been done successfully at bell multicultural. >> it's different. the fact is a lot of facilities are being used at 25% level. you are committing resources, teachers, faculty. taking care of buildings where there are no kids. in terms of long-term plan, she said this week that if they keep on the course they are on, they will become nowhere near achieving their goals, these five-point goals they have. if they double their efforts, may get some things done. the fact of the matter is that we're looking at a situation where facilities are not occupied. one in ten students in truancy in d.c. and 60 schools no longer have librarians, not of the plans are written in stone so as jerry said, there will be a
6:18 am
series of hearings and looking for input from various gas sets of the community. >> satisfy parents that the children won't have to go too far, a safe environment and they will learn -- the learning process won't be harmed, that's a powerful argument whether it will be received by people remains to be seen. >> one of the things she says is the fact that she's not going to put schools on the block to be sold. in other words, she is going to rent schools to community services and to even charter schools. >> one charter school advocates are going to fight for control. >> exact. they wouldn't have had to. and the fact is, the reason why there is a lower enrollment east of the river is because a lot of children have been put in charter schools. >> won't this be a question or test of how public schools and charter schools can coexist. >> the chancellor says it makes
6:19 am
sense to try and find some synergy there. what it looks like no, one knows. 41,000 in public schools, 31,000 kids in charter schools, that's a 40% balance that has to be addressed in some way. >> i'd go out in a limb. a lot of people are very concerned with the fact that we're not putting enough in public education and we've sold out two chart err schools. montgomery county is one mace you don't find charter schools. >> mayor vincent gray has proposed a plan that would create 100,000 jobs and generate a billion dollars over a five-year period. as part of the budget, the mayor proposed transforming the mcmillan reservoir to a medical hub and this plan involved a partnership with business schools at g.w., georgetown, howard, au. what do you think about this? >> well, i think what i'm getting is that it sounds good. they are doing something with
6:20 am
the reservoir. we have driven by it for years. 20 years or more. it wasn't in use. waiting, waiting, waiting for something to be done. now finally they will do something. if they do it right it could generate jobs, make leavable space, mixed use. whatever they will do, make it a good part of town and generate jobs and revenue, the city will profit by it. win/win. >> and i think the mayor is looking optimistically, but he has some basis for it. walter reed properties, there will be jobs there. look at this whole new development donetown along 11th street, 12th street, and almost called the city in a city. the whole new area, where they will have lots of jobs, lots of retail businesses, so their prime properties and then you have to look out in the east at old st. louis hospital, west campus, members -- that is going to be a new development out there. so the 100,000 jobs over the
6:21 am
next five years. >> jim allen, here is my question to you. in light of the cloud mayor gray is under because of the federal investigation of his 2010 campaign, would he likely see this plan through? >> the mayor says he is not concerned about how his personal state may be tied to the initiative. he believes it's the right thing. district of columbia has been looked at as being an unfriendly red taped rich environment. he is working to change that and committed to business being located in every ward, not just for more -- you guess aesthetically favorable. and move into ward eight there, are some exciting things for him. despite what happens to him ultimately politically, he's on the right track. >> whoever is at the helm, i said we hope it's win/win, if
6:22 am
it's done right, no matter who is running the city it will help the city. we have to see how it will go. >> we have to go to a
6:23 am
>>. >> welcome back. a lot of uncollected fines in the district last year. photo enforced tickets issued and september out, many were advertise missed. the reason, they couldn't prove that they were ever delivered via host postal mail. how did that happen? >> either somebody didn't mail it or something went wrong somewhere, and the story is being told by people who have gotten this are convincing enough that the people involved in this are letting them off. again and again and again. >> so you -- you get notified that you get a ticket, but you don't get notified because you
6:24 am
may or may not get the notice in the mail. and you go down and contest it when you find your fine has been doubled, because the magistrate throws it out. >> this is happening all over -- it's the same thing as the sobriety tests. they had to throw half the cases out because the test machines didn't work this is a problem with district government and it comes down to management and accountability. all it comes down to, pat. we can talk about this for 100 years. and it can come down to what's happening in district government. >> what i've heard them say, jim, they can't send all of these tickets out by certified or registered mail. it costs a lot of money. >> they do say that. they checked with the vendor who does the bulk mailing, and they say there's no problem with that. they don't have a way to check the return mail. i'm not sure it's incompetence
6:25 am
per se, i think it's probably a system that has loopholes that allow people within that -- >> excuse me. loopholes causes what? incompetence. >> we know there are problems within that window. you show up, say i didn't get the first ticket. the administrative law judge lets you off. >> it's management and execution. if it's not work,ing, you look at the system, have a different system and then it's guns galore. move full steam ahead. let's try the new system. that is not happening. >> you didn't get one of the tickets, did you? you live in the district. >> i have no comment. >> and d.c.'s fire chief wants to change shifts, removing 14 life support vehicles from service during overnight hours. this will give people faster and better care when they need it most, but the plan means pulling all 14 advanced life support
6:26 am
paramedic vehicles off the street. the 24 life support vehicles and par why medics riding on engines can fill the gap. >> this is a 20-year-old story, when they were concerned about how much time until an ambulance reaches your house this comes up in every administration in the d.c. fire department. i just eused to ride the ambula when i was doing street stuff with a.p. and covering crime scene, and the nighttime ambulances are as important as the daytime ambulances. >> jerry is right. not the first time this thing has been hoisted -- if i can use that word. pro possessed, that's the word i should say. and it doesn't work. >> most advanced training occurs in the daytime hours. >> i don't agree with that.
6:27 am
the biggest part of the nighttime ambulance service needed with police service is between 1:00 and 4:00, when those bars close. >> if you are saying the service should be catered to drunk drivers. >> -- no, i'm saying the service should not be altered. 24-hour full service. >> well, somebody has to pay for that. >> that's the reason i pay taxes. that's the reason i pay taxes, jim. >> so you are willing to pay more taxes. >> i'm willing to have good -- excuse me. excuse me. i'm willing to have 24-hour full emergency service. >> so they are saying -- >> they are saying in light night hours, and the firefighters on the hook and ladders have the same skills. let's redeploy the hours in hours we really need them. >> do we know for fact are the worst hours when you say or you say? do we have a definitive study? do we really know? >> they don't, because they have played with the story for last
6:28 am
20 years. >> how about driving on the dull he is toll road. it is going to cost more. airport authority has approved hikes in the toll fees, 50 cents starting in january of this year. and another 75 cents in january of 2014. >> well, that's not -- people will complain and they'll pay and they will grumble all the way, and they don't like it. they'll get the money. >> well, i look at it this way. 50 cents next year. 75, a quarter more. 75 cents a year 2014. mark my word, 2016, almost up to $5, toward their other project that will hinge on how much money they collect on the dull he is toll road. >> we should say what the money is going for. >> we get the silver line out to -- >> remember, the controversy out of loudoun county about that. people held hearings on what this money is going to go toward. will it go toward the silver line? >> the increase in january of
6:29 am
2014 is another 75 cents, not another quarter. last topic, bob mcdonald. didn't do really well, the republicans lost in virginia, but bob mcdonald, very high poll ratings, according to a new quinn peiac survey. 53-26% approval rating. one of the highest states that quinn quinnpiac surveys. >> his numbers are good. he can decide maybe to run for governor. maybe not for governor again, but he could have his eye on a senate seat. the buzz indicates that warner is very unhappy in the senate. warner denies that, by the way. we hear that he wants to become governor. ratings not too high among democrats. a popular person in the democratic party. >> good nobodies among women and positive numbers among african-americans.
6:30 am
>> must be republican women. the poll says he didn't do well among democrats, but he did well among women. must be republican women. i go back to the point of the ultrasound. women still have that on their minds in virginia as to the governor's support of that. >> final comment, jim. >> the whole transvaginal thing was insane. it flies in the face of the monolithic model that the gop has put on women and african-americans. governors that are republican have done well with these groups, women, african-americans and the overall message of the -- >> i'm not sure -- my reporting indicates he may not have been hurt that much in that issue. others in the party were, but not him. >> and other governors across the country, including north carolina. >> thank you, gentlemen. and thank you for being with us. stay with us. news 4 today continues.
6:31 am
good morning. welcome to news 4 today. >> sunday, november 18, 2012. great weather today. all eyes are on the day. >> let's check in with chuck. >> good morning, everybody. sunday off to a fairly pleasant start. we are going to have a nice day today. we won't have 100% blue sky like we did yesterday. plenty of sun, but not case as nice as yesterday from a how does it look perspective. outside, temperatures this morning, 30s and 40s for the most part around the urban centers and mid 40s alongside the chesapeake bay. mid 30s for montgomery county. frederick, maryland, 28 degrees in frederick and mount arry. 36 in leesburg. 29 in inwood, west virginia. storm team 4 radar, no drops too terribly close to us.
6:32 am
and outer banks of north carolina. not coming here all that quickly. sunshine to got you started. clouds on the increase later on today. temperatures in the low 50s for highs. perfect weather for the redskins. back to you for now. >> thank you, chuck. six people recovering this morning after two police helicopters collided in california. investigators believe the crash happened while one chopper was landing and the other was taking off in pasadena. six people hurt including five police officers and they all suffered non-life-threatening injuries, the national transportation safety board is investigating this incident. new video in morning of the oil platform caught friday morning in the gulf of mexico. >> something just blew up. >> a tv crew nearby when that
6:33 am
exploded. the body of one of the missing crew members was found at the bottom of the sea. another crew member still missing and four others in the hospital. the ceo of black elk energy, which owns the rig, says it's a difficult time for the company and those injured workers. >> it was an emotional situation, and very best i could do was to comfort them, reassure them and get them back to their families. >> investigators believe vapors ignited as workers used a blow torch on an oil line. the warning signals were indeed used at a parade crossing where a parade full of veterans were hit by a train. they were activated seven seconds before the truck crossed the tracks. more than a dozen were injured and four killed on thursday when the train hit the float. a biz fwlar story in idaho.
6:34 am
police are trying to figure out who broke into a zoo in boise and beat a monkey to death. a security guard saw two men running away from the primate exhibit early yesterday morning. apparently one of the men dropped a baseball cap with a skull design. then the guard found one of the monkeys hurt and later died. no other animals appeared to be hurt. sandy's impact has crews clearing out damaged areas, the city of new york plans to demolish dozens of home badly damaged by the superstorm. crews will bulldoze 200 homes on staten island on queens and brooklyn. crews already expected to clear out homes that were burned or washed away. 500 homes and businesses need to be inspected. those could also be torn down. this morning, investigators are still trying to figure out why a woman drove into a
6:35 am
convenience store in prince on georges county. the woman crashed into the front window at a 7-eleven yesterday afternoon. the storm badly damaged. nobody inside was hurt. the owner says it will take a while to clean it up. >> it was an accident. you know, i cannot be upset this happened. never know what is going to happ happen. >> the owner says the store is open for business while they make repairs. the woman in the car was not seriously injured. arlington county made the first steps for approving a new homeless shelter. the board unanimously voted on buying a $27 million on north 14th street. it will include office space and a year-round homeless shelter. many are upset about the plan, saying it's a threat to their safety. if the city approves the purchase, the county will hold public meetings to hear any concerns. the second day for the 495 express lanes in virginia. but the first true test of the
6:36 am
lanes will be tomorrow morning. the 14-mile stretch runs from just north of the dull he is toll road to the springfield interchange with two lanes in east direction. you need an ez pass to drive them, and the average toll during rush hour is expected to be between $3 and $6. car pools of three or more can drive for free. accidents on opening day. two teens were hurt when one lost control of the car. >> track work is causing delays on three metro lines. trains single tracking on the redline. and also single tracking between east and west falls church on the orange line. crews working on the silver line extension. on the blue line, single tracking, and everything should be back to normal in time for tomorrow morning's commute. tomorrow metro is opening its doors to help members of the military with its third annual open house and career fair, this event offers service members possible information about the
6:37 am
transit agency. same-day interviews and possible job offers. the military open house is from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow at the national building museum on "f" street northwest. twinkies and many other beloved hostess products may not be gone for long. a mexico-based company that owns part of sara lee and thomas english muffins may have an inside track on keeping twinkies rolling off the line. economists say lower price sugar in mexico could be the secret to keeping the iconic food in product, and the company likely had their eye on hose tes since the early 2000. if that's the case, i feel sorry for the person who bought the box of twinkies on ebay for $500. >> money down the drain, huh? time, 6:37. coming up on sunday morning. meet a man who says the power of prayer helped save his life. the move that could help shake up the program at the university of maryland. the future of the obama administration.
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we could see changes in the obama administration, sooner rather than later. >> the president faces a number of challenges right now, including avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff. joining us is david gregory. >> good morning, david. >> good morning. >> a lot of talk about david petraeus. the spotlight this week is when he went before the intelligence committee to talk about the attacks on libya. >> that's right. i think that's become a big focus beyond his personal problems and his affair, and the question of whether there was a government coverup at some level? a lot of focus on susan rice, the ambassador who came on the show who said this was a spontaneous attack, not
6:42 am
something terror related. she did testify about that the real issue we'll tackle this morning was had she contradicted the view of the administration, saying she did believe it was terrorism all along, and even at the outset, talking points given by the intelligence community to susan rice, that have the elimination of any reference to the terror attack. >> will this set up a confirmation fight where we talk about susan rice and her possible nomination to lead the state department. >> if the president nominates her to be secretary of state, one of the questions that will come up for mccain and graham. when secretary of state condoleezza rice was nominated to be secretary of state, she said publicly all kinds of
6:43 am
things about iraq, that they had weapons of mass destruction, that turned out to be absolutely wrong, and they felt despite that she should be supported. it is hypocritical to say susan rice should not be supported because somehow she was behind a coverup? one of the things that will have to be addressed. >> this information was classified. should the american people expect that they will get everything handed out, just days after an attack like this? >> that is a question that intelligence chairs will be looking at in the con tegs of whether or not they were not calling what it was, or describing it in a certain way, so as not to tip off terrorists in terms of what they were thinking. >> okay. so we're going to shift gears. have you so much on your plate. how will you decide what to cover between benghazi, petraeus, broadwell, fiscal cliff. moving to fiscal cliff.
6:44 am
that affects a lot of people in our area obviously. it seems like there is going to be a resolution of some sort. what is the possibility of this being long term? >> i don't think brinksmanship is a big strategy here for either side. i think the president has got leverage on taxes and he wants to see taxes go up on wealthier americans. they want to avoid these automatic spending cuts that will take affect by the end of the year. i think you'll see something that kicks us down the road a little bit into next year's congress to give them a little more breathing room, or they are going to break this up in a way and try to get some things done by the end of the year. the latter is what they are pushing for. the president wants to deal sooner rather than later. weariness on all sides about how they go about it. but there is a sense of the president feeling that the mandate here is for compromise and they don't want another, you know, drama-filled grand bargain negotiation that goes down. we'll be talking to the intelligence chairs.
6:45 am
dianne feinstein, mike rogers, from the senate and house side respectively. lindsey graham is vowing to block rice's nomination. and we will also be talking about gaza, and what could be another war in the middle east. >> jam-packed show. now let's go to checuck. >> not a bad looking day outside today. cloud cover, sneaking back into the area. we'll talk about how long it will stick around, and whether or not it means rain for your forecast. don't go away. [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water...
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subway. eat fresh. a powerful storm put on a spectacular light show in brisbane, australia, around 4,000 lightning strikes hit the
6:49 am
area last night. strong wind and heavy rains battered the city central business district. strong winds also knocks down the trees and powerlines and trying to read the story and look at the pictures at the same time, they are pretty impressive. >> sometimes it's hard to get lightning on tape, but when you have 4,000 strikes, i mean, it's -- >> chances are pretty good. >> making it a little bit easier. good stuff from a video perspective. luckily, it didn't sound like anybody was hurt. springtime down under. we transition from fall to winter. they are transitioning to the warm season. spring severe weather on the other side of the equator. for us, we don't have anything like that to worry about, so if you want to see lightning, that was your big chance. no chance for thunderstorms around here for at least the next seven to ten days, and as we go into winter, chances get even lower. so for outside, perspective, first thing this morning, you will notice that there are some
6:50 am
clouds out there already, and these clouds are going to be on the increase today. so it's not going to be quite as nice of a day as yesterday was, but that being said, not really a whole lot to complain about either. so just expect an increasing number of clouds and as the day goes along, i think the clouds will continue to be on the increase. 41 now at national airport. not quite as chilly downtown as it was the same time yesterday, because of the little extra cloud cover, but clouds have held temperatures up through the overnight hours, will actually hold things down just a smidgeon later on today. we will be a tellidegree or two where we were yesterday. 29 degrees in martinsburg. front royal, winchester, temperatures ator below the freezing mark. mid 30s across much of northern virginia from manassas to falls church and anondale. 36 in damascus, 46 in annapolis.
6:51 am
a lot of things going on around the area. redskins at home against the eagles. 1:00 game at fedex field. perfect weather for redskins. no complaints. partly sunny and on the cool side. sunday night football, the ravens are on the road in pittsburgh, taking on the steelers, clear and chilly in steeltown tonight. for us, what do we need to worry about? not a whole lot of worries, we are keeping a close eye on the area of low pressure on the carolina coastline. part of the reason we have the clouds on the increase, but for all of the folks that are traveling this week, look how quiet it is across the middle of the country. unsettled out to the west, most of that is going to be aiming up to canada. so not a big impact on the midwestern hub that is welcome news. that little area of storm is just down to the south. we need to keep an eye on it. high pressure blocking that low up the coast. the last couple of coastal storms, zipping right up the coastline. the area of high pressure will hold it at bay the next couple
6:52 am
of days and eventually that storm drifting around that, eventually, it will drift on harmlessly out to sea. nonetheless it will help provide extra cloud cover around here. be ready for a cloudy stretch starting with the afternoon. today, starting with sunday, ending with mostly cloudy afternoon today. temperatures upper 40s and low 50s. all-important seven-day forecast. temperatures cooler than average with cloud cover around. no rain drops posted on the seven-day forecast. that is welcome news. wednesday, a big travel day. nothing big brewing on the horizon from a storm perspective and turkey day, absolutely spectacular. perfect weather to cook the turkey outside, go for a walk, spend quality time with your family or outside outside. while they spend time inside. >> play football outside. >> and championship football game in annapolis, 1:00, perfect weather for the game. >> thank you, chuck. also today, head over to the
6:53 am
d.c. armory for a family fair. telemundo washington is holding its tenth annual family fair from noon until 6:00 tonight. meet telemundo's local news team and celebrities. the fair includes live music, food, and games for the whole family. it is free. you can even win a car. >> know those people? >> not yet. >> sound like you do. this morning, dozens of kids are waking up with their new families. the district finalized 34 adoptions on national adoption day. our own barbara harrison emceed the event. many children are still waiting for a family, however. you can find out more about adopting children on wednesday's child. a possible shakeup at the university of maryland as it could seen leave the acc and join the big ten conference.
6:54 am
"the washington post" says that the school could announce a move within the next few days. maryland, a charter member of the acc in 1953, but moving to the big ten could help the school financially as the conference has a more lucrative tv contract. a rough day for teams in our area from the terps to the wizards. >> carol monthly annie has it all in the sports minute. >> good sunday morning, everyone. i'm carol maloney. we start with college football. senior day at bird stadium. terps hosting tenth ranked florida state. seminoles bringing it both sides of the ball. sacking the quarterback five times in the game. scoring 41 points against maryland. noles clinch a spot in the acc title game with a 41-14 win. to the hardwood. at least wizard fans looked good
6:55 am
against the jazz. whiz started on a 14-point one, but wizards sent to their secretasecond straight 0-8 start of the season. redskins looking to pick up a win against the eagles, despite the 3-6 record, still in the race for the nfc east. rg3 knows they have to take care of business. >> the only thing on my mind, on the players' minds, we have to take care of what we can handle and control. that's the way i look at it. >> don't forget, d.c. united hosting the houston dynamo at 4:00 on nbc sports network. that's your sports minute. i'm carol maloney, hope your sunday is a good one. someone is going to have a very happy holiday season. no one won the powerball jackpot. so the big prize is getting bigger and bigger, numbers were 3, 15, 27, 58, 59.
6:56 am
with the powerball number 20. no one won the jackpot, so it's now at $250 million. the next drawing is wednesday the 21st, so the winner can take a cash wpayout of $167 million. a man dying of cancer finds solace at church, but not the way you think. he was diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer. he started taking long walks and found an old rundown church. couldn't get inside. so he would sit on the steps to pray. one day thomas got enough energy to start repairing the church, and get this, just as the church started to take shape, thomas' cancer went into remission. >> there has been a lot of tears shed on these steps. and they have been tears of joy, tears of pain. tears of blessing too. this is my way of saying thank you.
6:57 am
>> the church isn't perfect yet. roof and floors still need work, but both the church and its repairman are better and they have been in than they both have been in quite some time. >> looks great. and you can hear in his voice how grateful is he. there really is something to be said the law of attraction. you know, the whole secret thing. i really do. i think you do something good like this, and you are going to attract in his case better health. >> good vibes. >> a good story for thanksgiving. a lot fwoe thankful for. >> and news 4's viewpoint. stay with us, everyone.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here to fill us in on the forecast. >> no complaints from the weather department today. i won't be complaining anyway. plenty of cloud on their way. it won't ruin your sunday by any stretch of the imagination. temperatures, 30s to around 40 for most. colder out west in the blueridge. temperatures in the upper 20s to just below the freezing mark. and milder down to the south and east. annapolis, to solomon island. mid 40s. a lot more cloud cover our way for today, so it won't be quite
7:01 am
as bright and sunny, but you can see the bulk of the rain is way down to our south. so not really worried about the drops today, but that being said, morning sunshine giving way to more and more clouds as the afternoon wears along. temperatures, only one or two degrees today than yesterday. good weather for the redskins playing the eagles today. 1:00 at fedex field. partly sunny and on the cool side, but by late november standard, we can't complain. >> all right. >> thanks, chuck. top stories this morning, a 17-year-old boy faces a murder charge in the deadly stabbing of a 19-year-old montgomery county man. the man was stabbed to death at the woodley park metro station. thousands plan to march here in washington today over the controversial keystone pipeline. the event organized by which promises support to the president if he says no to the pipeline which would carry oil
7:02 am
between canada and the gulf of mexico. demonstrators will assemble at freedom plaza before circling the white house. earlier this year, president obama blocked the the pipeline because of environmental concerns. many republicans criticized the president, saying the pipeline would have created thousands of jobs. redskins back after a bye week to take on television rival philadelphia. both on losing streaks with the redskins losing the last three games before the bye week, and eagles were losers for five straight games, kickoff at 1:00 this afternoon, at fedex field. some of the stories we're watching today. next nbc 4's viewpoint. >> we'll be back in a few minutes with another update. welcome to viewpoint. i'm jim handly. this morning, talking healthcare for d.c. residents, how the city is implementing the affordable health care act. our guest this morning, a business owner in northwest washington. also with us, chair of the d.c. health exchange authority, and kate sullivan hair, health
7:03 am
policy expert and strategist as well. welcome to you all. great to see you again, doctor. >> thank you. >> let's start with hb x, for our viewers out there and for me, for all of us, we're trying to do this in a half hour, and it's a lot to tackle. the district has created the health care ehange authority who are building on obama care, the president's affordable health care act. tell us what does it do and what are the responsibilities of hb x? >> the exchange is the centerpiece of president obama's plan. this is the place where a consumer can go. by computer, by cell phone, you will go and have all of the different health plans at our eye level. so you can see how much they cost what the benefits are, and
7:04 am
no more small prints no, more muckiness, a clean and neat way for preventing a way that the consumer can go, look at them, look at the plan that will meet your needs and buy it. >> this is shopping around. and one unified marketplace essentially. >> just like going on expedia or travelocity, you can compare prices, compare apple to apple. compare this plan with this plan and see how -- what benefits you will get. >> talk about the range of options, and it's very early. timeline, we're looking at 2014 in january, what type of range in terms of the benefits that are out there and the cost too. >> well, these for the first time will be standardized, one of the big changes from the affordable care act and we're waiting for federal rules coming through just next week. very new and being built. this is very typical right now to what people already have in the district of columbia for
7:05 am
small businesses and individuals. we have a very high standard in d.c. and then there will be a range of choices for individuals who are buying this on their own, with their own dollars. they will be able to look at a range of out of pocket cost sharing, the deductibles from copays that you pay when you go to the doctor or pick up a prescription and they will see the prices for how much this will change. some people will calculate what the assistance will be and employees of small businesses, they will also know how much their employer is contributing, and perhaps of using more of their own dollars if they want to protect themselves against out-of-pocket costs, or to keep their dollars, it will be much simpler for them to compare the benefits, the koft sharing, than perhaps it is now, and hopefully we expect we'll have more
7:06 am
choices as well. >> let's talk holiday from a small business perspective, we heard from a debate on capitol hill, about a year, year and a half ago, and small businesses across the country will have concerned. what were your initial concerns that you have now? >> it's interesting. the bill was first passed, surveys showed roughly 28 to 30% of small businesses said they will drop health insurance, recent study done. just this past october. dropped down to 3%, so i think as more information came about, about the law i should say now and the details, if you you will see how you can do more from a small business standpoint, i think for us, it's purchasing power.
7:07 am
individuals over small groups don't have purchasing power, it helps us with competition from our sake. and small businesses whether we are small architectural firm, that you will be able to offer health insurance, comparable to larger -- larger firms, but also transparency. my employees can see what i can contribute and we can work together to bring belt best health care for our employers and residents. the biggest thing you will see here, about 150,000 individuals who will get small group or individuals. that market has no power. they will negotiate owning themselves. folks think about labor union, you are coming together to negotiate for a better -- for a better price and for insurance,
7:08 am
your risk pool is large r able o pass this on. the cost for me is that compares to labor cost. it's at least 10% of business costs, that means is that sometimes i have to provide lower benefits. and premiums are high for my employees. that will change when the exchange is up and running. >> just getting started. a lot more to get to. right back after this break.
7:09 am
7:10 am
welcome back to "viewpoint" again. we're talking about accessible to health care in d.c. you were talking about competition. that is key in making accessible to everyone. >> absolutely.
7:11 am
absolutely. when you have insurance plans on the market, and everybody can see how much it costs and what the benefits are, then people start to compete. and then you have level playing field, many more players enter in, so we expect many more people coming in to d.c. marketplace to sell their insurance, and as a result of competition, prices go down, quality goes up. and that is all good news for the benefits or the consumer and small businesses, that's what this program is all about, so excited about it, that we have the opportunity to really be at the ground floor and build this thing up for our people. >> who isn't covered who would be covered? and the question out there, can you keep the coverage that you have now? >> right, there are assurances that so long as right now your plan has not changed. really their employer makes this
7:12 am
decision for them, whether or not to substantially change the plan, we absolutely expect that given the marketplace right now in d.c., that the same participant in this market will be offering the same -- the same kinds of plans they are offering today. it may be the individuals or their employers makes the decision to go elsewhere. one of the key early decisions that we made in the exchange is that we're not going to close this market off. we are bringing the market together and unifying it and putting to the same pool all individuals and small businesses, soist a much more stable pool for individuals than what they may have right now. we'll take all comers. if an insurance company today is not doing business in the district of columbia, this could be very attractive. some of the co-ops that were a feature that were added during the debate, possibility that some of these nonprofit co-ops may come in. this is an exciting time for
7:13 am
district residents. >> you employ how many workers. >> one 35, one 15. >> what are they getting that they don't now? will you make the selection choice, or will they have a say? >> we find providers that have the best coverage of rates, and employees with have a choice to take the best plan for them. we subsidize part of the coverage. talk about competition, lowering the cost of getting into the market, so the blue crosses, the ca kaisers, the advantage will be a level playing field, so as kate talked about some of the nonprofits, co-ops can come in here and me as an employer, i will be able to look across the field and be able to compare
7:14 am
insurance companies and rates much better. more and more accessible, which i don't see now. oftentimes, go through a broker and limited to what the broker provides to up now we compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges for coverage for our employees. >> this is an individual mandate. everybody has to get in on this. >> that's correct. >> i was surprised to read that 93% of d.c. residents have health coverage, insurance coverage. does that include medicaid, medicare, in that figure as well? >> yeah. >> who doesn't have it? >> these are the folks who work for the small employers who make more money. they pay slightly above the poverty level or the people who may be between jobs, may be students, graduating, coming out
7:15 am
of the school. and all of the people need insurance, need to be covered. the food news in all of this, there is an individual mandate. everybody needs to have insurance, but the plan is being laid out for them and they can get affordable insurance. if you can't get affordable insurance, there are subsidies available for individuals to buy insurance and subsidies available for business owners to get credit. tax credit, up to 50% of the cost of insurance they provide to employers. so there is an incentive built in. on one side, you have to have insurance, individual. and on the other side, it says we'll provide subsidies, and tax credits so you can buy it for them. a win/win for everybody here. we're very excited about it. >> one thing from a business standpoint. we talked about the tax credit. i think one concern business had, my employees choose the highest cost insurance. one of the things that this will
7:16 am
take effect is that the is the cost for me is going to become fixed. we'll average the cost off across what health insurance would cost across the market and we talked about 93% of people in d.c. have insurance. a highly su lly insured market. i will have some idea what my costs will be. great in terms of me planning for expansion or planning for my payroll or anything from my business standpoint. i now have a better idea of what costs will be, and as well as you talk about for the insurance standpoint, that insurance companies will now have to -- and the law took affect in march of 2010, health insurance hasn't changed for my employees or really anyone in d.c. that insurance companies have to now spend 80% of their profits on medical care, not administration costs, not advertising, so more of the
7:17 am
dollars that are going into the health care industry are going toward care. >> very interesting. good point. we'll take a break on that right now, and we'll share some important dates and a web address with you when we come right back. stay with us.
7:18 am
i'm angie goff, here are some of the stories we're following this morning. a 17-year-old boy face as a murder charge in the deadly stabbing aof a 19-year-old montgomery county man. olajuwon griffin was stabbed at the metro station. arlington county residents upset about a plan for a new homeless shelter. yesterday, the plan was approved for a shelter on northeast 14th street. they want 24-hour security around the building. d.c. united hosted the houston dynamo today and led two of the
7:19 am
eastern conference finals. after losing the first leg 2 3-1 last week, the red and black must win today by at least three goals to advance, the game starts at 4:00 p.m. on nbc sports network. more news, plus the sunday forecast in 15 minutes. now back to viewpoint. and welcome back to "viewpoint." talking about the health care exchange authority. let's talk about important dates consumers need to know. not talking about something immediate. pleasant ooh plenty of time to learn and study up. we're talking about 2014. >> january 1, 2014, individuals must have coverage in place or there is a tax penalty. assessed against them. there will be an open enrollment period beginning october 2013, at which point we'll have the
7:20 am
website, the portal up and running, people will be able to do planned comparisons, and a lot of education leading up to this as well. throughout the calendar year of 2014. >> there was a federal grant that allows district and states to start this awareness or education process. >> right. right. i think there is general education of the public is one aspect, and as you said, people will have time to -- to review all of this, and grant also provided a navigator program, which means people who don't speak the language, for example, people like our diverse community where people come from different countries, so these navigators work for the people to try to explain to them how to go get health insurance. simply facilitatfacilitating, h somebody, and their salary paid by community based organizations. no charge for getting that information. and so easy a person can go
7:21 am
online. they can get on the phoneline, they there is no wrongdoer. you get in one door and the exchange determines whether you are available for medicaid if your income is low, if it's a little higher, what kind of charge you can get. and what kind of subsidy you get and what other benefits come to you, and one-stop shop and no wrongdoers, you can enter through different places, fascinating, it just will be fascinating and looking forward to coming online. >> and the website that is already online right now. this is not the one that people go in and shop and pick, but it's --ith really kind of a preview of what things they need to keep in mind as they start to study this, and hb x i wanted to ask you. you have, what, 35 employees at one business, 15 at another? do you envision multiple plans? could you have several different plans under what your business
7:22 am
is? >> you could. i mean, that's the beauty of this thing. it is something that has worked for small businesses, individuals, large businesses as well. and for me, that -- from the competition standpoint, i get the owner of small market. whole foods down the street, they have scale of both -- economies of scale that i don't have. and i will be able to compete. my health care costs will be reduced and we'll be able to compare apples to apples. >> that's one of the advantages that we didn't have before. they can offer comprehensive and affordable care. >> impossible when you are ensuring 35 -- that's a large small business for some cases, many -- you know, consultants who work with two or three, a design company might have just a few employees. and it's impossible to offer two or three plans, even if you have
7:23 am
the same insurance companies to have different types, hmo, ppo, or something in between. so this -- what one of the things that can happen with the exchange is an employer can establish -- i want to offer i'll pay for bronze level care. they put into law the so-called medal levels, bronze, silver, gold, platinum health care. and an employer can decide how much they want to pay. right now, a lot of employers frankly, a lot of very small businesses offer that coverage, the employer himself needs to have coverage for their family and pay for it 100%. that restricts employees to that employer's choice. they will have the chance to shop and find something that works for their family. >> what do you tell the small businesses out there? and we've heard from them, we're not going to be able to afford this. this is not the direction we want to go. what do you tell those people
7:24 am
who are struggling as a small business right now in the economy and then add this in? >> one of the things that -- the mandate to provide coverage for businesses this only kicks in when you have more than 50 employees. >> more than 50? 5-0? >> we're in an exchange where it's voluntary for xwoorz who are offering coverage. the employees is not offering them coverage, they must obtain coverage themselves. so -- it is. one of the very important things that the law does, and with having the mandate in place, that everyone is in had it now, and there will be much less volatility and more predictability about premiums. >> very interesting. we'll take a break on that note. and be right back on "viewpoint." stick around.
7:25 am
7:26 am
welcome back. talking about health care.
7:27 am
want to go back to small businesses. you are confident you will be saving money when all of this is implemented. >> when all is said and done, i think we'll see much savings we can pass on to consumers and increase coverage for my employees. and in short, if you are above -- your employer above 50 employees, then are you going to see your ability to purchase insurance increased. if you are below 50 employees and able to offer insurance and increase coverage for a lower cost, and if you are below 50 individuals, the government, d.c., will not force you to. >> what do you see the biggest misconception when we talk about affordable health care, obama care, as some like to call it? >> that the government is taking over. here we are, and the way that this is organized, that the health benefits exchange, it's completely separate and dus
7:28 am
tingt. we do it in partnership, and funding to get it up and running, not at all a government takeover. putting everyone in a government-run plan and i don't think it's a misconception. people are very intimidated about their health care choices and our -- particularly for me, the work i'm doing with the exchange, is to really make it less scary a easy to navigate. >> you had mentioned in the break, d.c. out there in the forefront of this first. really an xwengs. >> we are right up there and tomorrow is a deadline for submitting the application, telling them we will be ready to open the exchange, so we're very excited about this. the best part of all of this is that this is a win/win for the consumers. for the business community, and i think we are very helpful to get educated about this in the
7:29 am
end. in the end, we will end up having a free and open market, which is coast effest effective provide many more choices for the people. >> it seems overwhelming at this point because it's so early. do you expect in a couple of years this will be second nature. every year will people get a chance to pick and choose and change? >> every year and very importantly. a couple of years from now, when we have all of the plans in, that's what we can really start getting more information about what the cost drivers are. bringing down cost of health care, better value, and helping providersan how they are doing, everyone will continually improve. >> you talk about a win/win. we want to talk about a business owner perspective. you see a win for your employees. and also being able to make them happier people when you are talking about a small business. >> i think retention is the biggest thing in terms of
7:30 am
wanting to grow small business and you don't have -- be able to grow with your company for a long time. the ability for a small business to offer health care, comprehensive health care for the individual and his or her family is a boon for small businesses here as kate said. once everyone gets their skin in the game, we can figure how best to control the cost. >> a nice preview you gave us this morning. we have time, if you want to get another preview online. go to hb x and thank you for having us in for "viewpoint." enjoy the rest of your day, everybody. now back to news 4 today. everyone knew him. he had a big impact on everyone. always the one that was there.
7:31 am
>> friends and family remember a teen robbed and killed at a metro station this morning. what happened moments before his death and the people arrested for the crime. and a shocking revelation revealed on twitter. what she said that's getting national attention. >> good morning, welcome to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. looks like another nice day on tap today. >> looking forward to it, chuck. >> glad you are looking forward to it, because mother nature will take it easy on us, just like last weekend. we won't get quite as beautiful of a blue sky today as we enjoyed together. that being said, just a couple of clouds out there this morning. not going to interveer with anything you would like to do outside today. there is the good news in the forecast. skies already starting to go over from partly to mostly cloudy and that will continue for the next couple of hours. nothing showing up on storm team 4 radar, no rain in the forecast for today. well down off the coast of
7:32 am
norfolk to the outer banks of north carolina. staying away from us today. get some sunshine first thing this morning. clouds will continue to increase throughout the day. and temperatures will gradually reach from upper 40s to low 50s. big game tonigh rave ns at the steelers. we'll talk more about that coming up. a developing story in the middle east battle rages on as israeli and palestinian forces continue to fire back and forth between gaza and israel. israel expanding its range in the middle east, including a building that houses hamas' media operation. more than 200 rockets launched into gaza, killing at least 12 palestinians, a mosque has
7:33 am
responded. thousands are waiting on the border awaiting orders to possibly invade the region. we'll hear strong debate over the person nominated to lead the secretary of state. susan rice, currently the ambassador to the united nations is expected to be nominated. some republicans are upset over her response to the deadly libya attack. but david gregory pointed out there was a similar incident with condoleezza rice. >> condoleezza rice had said publicly all kinds of things about iraq, based on intelligence that turned out to be absolutely wrong and yet they felt despite that she should be supported. so is it hypocritical for them to announce that susan rice shouldn't be supported because somehow she was behind a coverup? >> one of the republicans opposing rice will be on today's program. chair of the senate intelligence
7:34 am
committee dianne feinstein. see it all at 10:330. president obama lanned in thailand to kick off a four-day trip around southeast isiah. the president will meet with the president of thailand and tour local monasteries, he will discuss foreign affairs. he will also visit cambodia for the east asia summit. and a historic visit when he stops in myanmar tomorrow. first time a sitting president visits that country. and people there are getting tight xooited. souvenir t-shirts and coffee mugs are being sold to commemorate the event. president obama will meet with myanm myanmar's president and activist aung sun su kyi. and those killed in attacks are mourning their loved ones. nine maryland boys were arrested
7:35 am
in connection with a deadly stabbing at the woodley park metro station. olajuwon griffin was stabbed early yesterday morning. he was robbed in adams more goon, saw him again at the metro station where they stabbed him and robbed his friend. >> he was a good kid. i mean, two jobs, had his head on right. i think he was just trying to hang out and have a good time with his friends. >> i would never expect this to happen to owan. he was always the one that was there. whenever you needed him, he was just there. >> one of the boys arrested is a 17-year-old who faces a murder charge. due in court tomorrow. police this morning are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in prince georges county. this happened early yesterday morning in the parking lot of the lowest price gas station on marten luther king highway. the maintain to the hospital where he later died. anyone with information is asked
7:36 am
to call police. a father with his 4-year-old daughter by his side was robbed at an atm in montgomery county. police need your help to find the robber. police released surveillance pictures. you can see the robber pull the knife at citibank. and you can see the daughter looking at the thief as he walks in. the robbery happened thursday night. the man forced the dad to withdraw money before taking off. the victim was not hurt. two prince georges county police officers could be fired for their part in this video, meant to be a spoof on racial profiling of black drivers. the video showed two officers pulling over a driver and using derogatory language toward him. the police chief and head of the officer's union call the video inappropriate and denounce it. both officers on administrative leave. they will have a hearing next week to determine their fate. thousands expected to march in washington on? opposition to the controversial
7:37 am
keystone pipeline. event organized by supporters urge the president to say no to the pipeline which would carry oil between canada and the gulf of mexico. demonstrators will meet at freedom plaza before circling the white house. earlier this year, president obama blocked the pipeline because of environmental concerns. many republicans say that the pipeline will create thousands of jobs. many people noticed an unusually dark capitol building. the lights that illuminate the dome were turned off for scheduled maintenance. usually you can see the famous dome from miles away on any night. lights turned back on around 10:00. a new and controversial homeless shelter in arlington county, one step closer to being built. the board unanimously approved a $27 million plan to build a 27-million building. it includes office space and a
7:38 am
year round homeless shelter. many who live around the building say it's a threat to their safety. the county will hold public meetings to hear concerns. second day for 495 express lanes in northern virginia. 14-mile stretch from north of the dull he is toll road to springfield interchange. you need an ez pass to drive them and an average toll during rush hour is expected to be betwe$3 and $6. car pools can drive for three. the real test will come tomorrow morning. >> the 495 express lanes will be a game changer, but they are new and different. new traffic signals, new signage. new ramps, really important to make sure before you get on the express lanes you know where you can get on and get off. >> there were three accidents on opening day. according to "the post," three
7:39 am
people were hurt. and track work. trains single tracking twine tacoma and forest glenn. single tracking between east and west falls church, crews working on the silver line extension as well and the blue line, single tracking between stadium armory and addison road, everything expected to be back to normal for tomorrow morning's commute. metro working to make sure service members have a job with its their annual open house and career fair tomorrow. this event offers service members information about possible jobs with a transit agency. there will be same-day interview and even possible job offers. military open house is from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow at the national building museum on f street in northwest d.c. the woman who will represent d.c. in the misamerica pageant is undergoing a double mastectomy. she'll go your honor the knife as a precaution. she says her mother died of
7:40 am
breast cancer at an early age and the disease has affected many other women in her family. if she wins the ms. america pageant, they will have the surgery in 2014. if not, she'll have it next year. more on "today," copping up at 8:00. time right now, 7:40. big news about washington nationals player that was announced overnight on twitter. >> the deals and the don't -- the dos and don'ts and the deals about this. >> all of that. >> four things you should avoid buying if you want a good deal. >> and the land that could impact where you can park on game day near fedex field. and join us online this morning. on facebook and twitter. just search news 4 today, we are coming back in a moment. ♪
7:41 am
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7:43 am
and would-be shoppers camping out for black every black friday sales, one store is preparing for the large crowd. best buy held a rehearsal. best buy opens on thursday at midnight with some door buster deals. and some serious bargain shoppers may head to the outlet malls this season.
7:44 am
>> is outlet shopping really discounted? what's worth buying and what's not at outlet malls. >> i'm looking for bargains on designer items. >> i love to get high-end goods for a cheap price. >> reporter: is the price you pay at the out let really a deal? >> always do your search. >> andrea brown, don't presume you always get top quality merchandise. certain brands create inventory just for outlet stores. >> items that were never for sale in the retail store. they might be cheaper fabric, hardware that isn't the same kwaumt quality as the retail sale. >> reporter: children's clothing is a deal. quality not an issue. >> little kids clothes that only last one season, ridiculous to spend a lot of money more. >> reporter: a big don't. don't assume all prices are cheaper. kiplinger's says that's true for
7:45 am
electronics and athletic apparel. >> outlet stores, same price as the refatail stores. >> reporter: don't buy suits. and don't buy outlet jewelry. >> you want something certified in terms of quality of materials used. >> what are the deals? shoes, often shipped directly from the retailer, same quality at a better price. another deal, luggage. also deals on house wares, such as witchen items. >> the thing with house wears that you fund at outlet stores, a lot of times, there my be small knicks in the paint. >> reporter: heading into the holidays, as long as you know
7:46 am
what's real, you will know what is the best deals. >> getting something for your wife? >> reporter: she's already taken care of. >> one more deal, stop by the mall manager's office and grab a kwou upon book. don't assume just because the store is at the outlet mall, that it's a deal. some want to sell merchandise at the same price as your local shopping mall, and also a note about the coupons, i know i've done it. go online as well and printout a ton of outlet coupons, a whole pact. especially at the leesburg mall. >> a good tip. >> all right. the "today" show is next at nbc 4. >> let's get a preview. >> erica hill live from new york. >> good morning. coming up even sunday morning on "today," we'll take a look at fighting in the middle east. growing worse overnight. tell aviv your honor fire. and with thanksgiving right around the corner, a little shopping is on the memberu for a lot of people, so you look at
7:47 am
the outlet malls, we'll take a look at new tactics, retailers using in their hope to get to you spend big bucks this season. also ahead, a story of courage and resilience, the misamerica contestant who is getting a double mastectomy. and the great white way may never be the same. jenna makes her broadway debut and gets helpful tips from mathd eau broderick. that on "today." >> he is the best. >> on "modern family" hilarious. hate to plug another network's show, but that's a good show. >> talented the guy. thank you. >> it is the holiday gift that everyone wants, the powerball jackpot. no one won yesterday's jackpot. numbers 3-15-27-58-59. powerball 20. since no one won, it is going even higher than that. that's right. 2$250 million up for grabs. next drawing is wednesday the
7:48 am
21st, and the winner can take a cash payout of 1$167 million. >> got to get a pool going. >> a clip for an extra five seconds. >> that would buy all of my christmas present. i would even buy you one. >> nothing like a cheap tie for someone who won 167 mill
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
a live look at dulles airport. john f. kennedy dedicated washington dulles international airport. the airport serves more than 23 million passengers each year. 10,000 acre site is completing a mul multimillion dollar expansion. the expansion resulted in costs that could put it at a competitive disadvantage. and for as long as i've been around and flying out of dulles, always the airport i use, always under construction. >> and thoes of us downtown twelers, i like my national airport. i like national. the subway thing. >> something for everyone. >> exactly right.
7:52 am
any airport will be busy this week. >> oh, my gosh. go ahead and leave for the airport now. that line at security by tuesday afternoon and wednesday that will be three miles of furbling. >> is that a real word? >> it's that line that goes back and forth. >> it's mostly a fake word. it's called a snigling. it's a word that should isn't a but should be i heard that on a nonnews show. and today not as pretty as yesterday. a little more in the way of cloud cover. won't interfere with anything you want to do outside. 46 now in annapolis. 3 waldorf and 40 in fredericksburg. 37 in leesburg at dulles international airport.
7:53 am
and 24 degrees in you in market, maryland. great for the redskin and the eagles. partly sunny. if you are sitting in the shade. may have an extra cup of hot chocolate. winds 10 miles per hour. the big game right here on nbc tonight. sunday night football. the ravens in pittsburgh. taking on the steelers, clear and chilly in pittsburgh. not bad for steeltown weather. so for us, we've got some rain, just down across the outer banks of north carolina. part of an ocean storm which will keep our skies cloudy, won't bring us much if anything in the way of rain threat. a lot of people traveling, very quiet weather through much of the middle of country. worst weather for travelers across the intermountain west into the pacific northwest. flying all the way to that side of the country, you may have flight delays today and tomorrow, and big storm works its way on shore. midwestern hubs, chicago, detroit, cincinnati. no big problem and no winter
7:54 am
storm on the way. that is welcome news. for us, the big area of high pressure is blocking this ocean storm, the last couple ocean storms have been able to run right up the coastline and that high pressure blocking it off, we'll get the clouds, yes, but it will keep the rain chances well down to the south. and that will drift around for the next couple of days and it heads harmlessly out to sea without bringing anything except annen hansed amount of cloud cover today, tomorrow and early tuesday. today, nothing to worry about. sun and clouds. clouds increasing as the day goes along. cool, on the whole a good day. temperatures, upper 40s and low 50s. and thanksgiving week holiday forecast. not so bad around here. temperatures will stay cooler than average in the low to mid 50s for the next couple of days, plenty of clouds around. sunshine starts to break out on the big travel day. that is wednesday. and it is beginning of thanksgiving day and day after, black friday, plenty of sunshine. for people who like to go sit out at the mall first thing in
7:55 am
the morning, that's actually not too bad. temperatures upper 30s and low 40s for people out predawn early thursday morning. did you find furbling. >> not in merriam-webster. >> we found it in the urban dictionary. >> and also in the unword dictionary. >> not a real word. moving on. >> go ahead and grab your kids, head over to the d.c. armory. telemundo washington is hosting tenth annual family fair. runs from noon until 6:00 tonight. meet our local news team and local personalities. the fair includes health screenings, live music, food and games for the whole family. it is free and open to the public. you can even win a car. >> on. >> dozens of d.c. kids waking up with their new forever families. on national adoption day, the district finalized 34 adoptions. our own barbara harrison emceed
7:56 am
the event yesterday. and you can help kids looking for that life long commitment. 120 children are still waiting for a forever family. you can find out more information about the children in d.c.'s foster care system on wednesday's child. redskins fans, listen up. may need to find a new tailgating spot because of zoning laws. "the washington examiner" says the space between herve and landover roads north of fedex field could close to the public. this after a disagreement between the owner and prince georges county. the lot has become a popular place to tailgate. the county council could decide to close it at the end of the year. >> the university of maryland could soon call a new conference home as there are reports it's planning to leave the acc. the washington post reports the school could vote as early as this week to join the big ten conference, maryland was a charter member of the acc in 1953. but moving to the big ten could help the school financially, as
7:57 am
the conference has a more lucrative tv contract. it could also help with academics, expanding research in the agricultural andnerring fields. acc was not too kind to the terps yesterday. >> wizards searching for their first win of the year. we have it all in this year's sports minute. >> good sunday morning. i'm carol maloney, and your sports minute starts with college football. senior day at bird stadium. terps hosting tenth ranked florida state. both sides of the ball, sagging sean petty five times in the game. e.j. manuel and the offense not slaghing either. scoring 41 points against maryland. noles clinch a spot in the acc title game with a 41-14 win. at least wizards fans looked good against the jazz. the high-lying jazz sends
7:58 am
wizards to the second straight 0-8 start to the season, they fall 83-76. redskins looking to pick up a win against the eagles today. despite the 3-6 record, still in the race for the nfc east. rg3 know these have to take care of business. >> fillies, only thing on my mind, on the players' minds, we have to take care of what we can handle and control. that's the way i look at it. >> and don't forget, d.c. united hosting the houston dynamo in leg two of the eastern conference finals on nbc sports network. that's your sports minute. i'm carol maloney, hope your sunday is a good one. good news keeps coming for the nationals, brice harper wins rookie of the year, davey johnson, top manager and now slugger michael morse is a married man. morse tweeted out this picture with his beautiful bride last night. he also thanked his teammates and coaches for coming to his wedding and apparently former nats catcher ivan rodriguez,
7:59 am
quite the dancer, morse tweeted he stole the show. i'm going to check it out. i wonder if he was doing gangam style. >> that's the new wedding song. >> we will know soon. >> the big wedding song this year. that will wrap it up right now. a beautiful sunday according to chuck. >> absolutely right. no complaints from me. >> we will be back in 25 minutes with a local news update. >> until then, join us again at 9:00 a.m. for a full hour of news. have a good one.

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